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  • Employees in Luxembourg can take up to 80 days of training leave during their professional career.

Thinking about developing your professional skills and knowledge or taking your career in a new direction? Luxembourg offers various high-level courses and training to take your career to the next level. Employees in Luxembourg have the right to benefit from 80 days of training leave during their professional career. In some cases, your employer can even apply for financial subsidies from the state.

For those who wish to go back to the classroom, you can apply at the University of Luxembourg for a two-year Master in Wealth Management. This Master was developed together with the Luxembourg financial centre and meets the highest international standards. They also offer a Master of Science in Finance and Economics, a two-year program where you have the option to specialise in the more traditional fields such as Banking, Investment Management, Risk Management but also new fields such as Sustainable Finance and Digital Transformation in Finance.

But Luxembourg offers more places for academic growth. The country hosts two campuses of prestigious American Universities, Sacred Heart University and Miami University, where you find a wide range of courses.

For those who want to study and keep working, there are plenty of part-time professional courses. The Lifelong Learning platform for example or The Luxembourg House of Training that offers some 750 training modules. Most of the courses are related to Luxembourg’s financial industry and are offered in English and in French.

Known for its international and multicultural environment, you will also find excellent language institutions here. Some communes offer free language classes for residents and cross-border employees.

When you work in Luxembourg, you are untitled to 80 days of paid time off your job to study during your career. It allowed me to complete my MA in Project Management and develop my role at work.

Keeping in touch

Luxembourg is a close-knit network and there is always a chance of running into a familiar face at one of these events. It is a unique place that affords the opportunity to connect with peers in the industry across various business sectors. Also post Covid, you will find plenty of opportunities to connect with professionals through online events.

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