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Where to search for a job

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There are plenty of websites providing job offers in Luxembourg. The easiest way to find out about jobs on offer is to subscribe to some of these, including jobs.lu, eFinancialCareers, JobFinder.lu, Monster, and many more.

Luxembourg also has an active recruiter network who are well-versed in the skills required within the job market and who can assist in your job search. These agencies will (often free of charge) act as an interlocutor between individuals searching for a job and companies in Luxembourg looking to fill certain roles. You can find a non-exhaustive list here.

There are associations representing Luxembourg's financial centre, many of which also provide links to various jobs, including the ABBL, LPEA and LHoFT.

The National Employment Agency’s primary role is to provide various measures to help encourage the return of jobseekers to the market – they do so not only through their job board, but also through providing helping with career planning and training.

There's a lot of knowledge sharing that goes on here, so that's been a huge help for my career.

Cara Browne
Head of Investor Services

Key Skills

Finance is changing, becoming increasingly digitalised, sustainable and transparent and a new professional culture is increasingly becoming the norm. Due to this, a wide range of skills, both soft and hard, are critical for the future finance professional. These skills range from communication, relationship management and marketing & sales to data analysis, sustainable finance, programming and financial modelling. Alongside this change in finance, Luxembourg’s financial centre has also been climbing up the value chain of financial services over recent years.

Luxembourg has grown into a regulatory, risk management and compliance competence centre. Many firms have built up teams in Luxembourg which serve as the group’s regulatory nerve centre and global control tower. Since the financial crisis, risk and compliance functions have come to play a central role in the global operations of financial institutions. As a result, the functions performed in Luxembourg are becoming key to the global operations of these groups, which increasingly assign these functions a more prominent middle-office role.

More and more front-office functions, as well as an increasing number of key decision-making roles, are operating out of Luxembourg. Whether it is client relations managers that serve large banks from their Luxembourg hub or investment advisors and sales teams for asset management firms, or dealmaking functions for PE houses. The advantages of Luxembourg’s multi-cultural and multilingual ecosystem also apply to these activities.

  • 3rd

    leading financial centre in the EU

  • 18/20

    top PE houses operate out of Luxembourg

  • ± 63,000

    people employed in the financial sector