Taona Mupanduki

Taona Mupanduki
German / Zimbabwean
Team Manager, Amazon Pay
Payments / FinTech

"People are very open to meeting you and talking about different background or cultures, so that’s a pretty unique experience I found here in Luxembourg." Taona Mupanduki

About me:

Taona spent her childhood in Zimbabwe before moving to Germany as a teenager and studying for a degree in management and finance at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. During her studies, she applied for an internship in Luxembourg and was soon after offered a position at Amazon Pay. Having taken part in a mentorship scheme run by Amazon, Taona has accelerated her career and now manages the small, medium business integration team. Taona loves the outdoors and enjoys wine tasting in the Moselle as well as playing beach volleyball with friends in her neighbourhood. Taona Mupanduki’s Linkedin profile