Morten Skipper

Morten Skipper
Conducting Officer & Portfolio Manager, EQT Partners / EQT Fund Management
Private Equity

"The thing that stands out to me in Luxembourg, compared to other places, is the ability for me to combine my career with a really good family life. " Morten Skipper

About me:

Four years ago, Morten and his family took the decision to move from Denmark to Luxembourg. The ability to raise his children in an international environment was one of the main reasons for this adventure. Prior to joining EQT Partners, Morten worked as a discretionary portfolio manager at Nordea. At EQT, he is the Private Equity Portfolio Manager for EQT's Luxembourg AIFM, where he and his team are responsible for the investment transaction execution in his funds. Switching to private equity brought new opportunities within his career in the financial centre. Working with 22 different nationalities in the Luxembourgish office alone has changed his outlook on life. Having three young children and a busy job can be challenging, so he likes to run in the morning, before sunrise, to clear his mind and get ready for a working day. Morten Skipper’s Linkedin profile