Cara Browne

Cara Browne
Head of Investor Services, SS&C Technologies (Luxembourg), S.A.R.L
Hedge Fund and Private Equity

"Here in Luxembourg, people seem to make time to talk to each other. There is a lot of knowledge sharing that goes on here, so that has been a huge help for my career. " Cara Browne

About me:

Two years ago, Cara and her son Declan moved from the greater New York area to Luxembourg. She studied Business Administration with a specialisation in Finance at Bryant University. Before moving here, Cara had already visited Luxembourg a few times on business trips to assist with the office and learn a bit about the culture. She enjoyed her visits so much that she requested a transfer to the company‚Äôs Luxembourgish office. Cara now serves as the Head of Investor Services in Luxembourg where she manages teams locally, as well as in Mumbai and New York. Whenever she is not working, she spends her free time at the pirate ship park in town with her son. For her this is a great place to meet other parents and make new friends. Cara Browne’s Linkedin profile