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Below are a few people who have
made the #MoveToLux

Alex Lawrence

Managing Director

“Fifteen minutes from my house you can be on the Moselle river wakeboarding, and that’s really fantastic.”

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Julie Kohlmann

Wealth Manager

“Most of the 140 banks have wealth management departments, so I am working with clients from everywhere in the world.”

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Taona Mupanduki

Team Manager

“I did not know too much about Luxembourg before I came. I was actually quite surprised that it was that quite dynamic. It is very international.”

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Fernando Pacheco

Head of Treasury Services and Commercial Bank

“J.P. Morgan already had a big presence in Europe but was expanding its business in Luxembourg, making it one of its key regional treasury hubs.”

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Monica Ruiz

IT Specialist

“When you work in Luxembourg, you are entitled to 80 days of paid time off your job to study during your career.”

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Jean-Yves Litampha

Compliance Manager Europe

“There is work, and there is life afterwards. Always time to go and grab a drink and meet with friends in an absolutely beautiful environment.”

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Sharyn Tan

Head of International Treasury Centre

“For me, food is a big part of my identity. I grew up in Malaysia, and to me, food is family and community.”

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Sijia Duan

China Desk Manager

“What we noticed when we first arrived was very clear blue sky. That is something we’ve been missing for years in Beijing, especially during winter.”

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Janusz Weretko

Business Analyst

“Photography for me is freezing time. It’s just freezing the moment. That’s what I love the most in photography.”

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Rajaa Mekouar-Schneider

Head of Private Equity

“Luxembourg is a place that nurtures harmony in and out from its geography to the way people socialise and the way people live.”

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